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   The five Rangers teleport into the middle of a battle scared Angel Grove. Buildings were blown apart, cars were thrown to the side, trees were now blocking the street, and the ground was littered with ruble. "Damn Angel Grove got hit hard didn't it?" says Zack as he looks around seeing the destruction in front of him. "Where is everyone?" asks Kimberly. "Probably hiding" answers Zack. "Who can blame them" states Trini.

As they look forward they see a large group of Golems surround them. "Suddenly I am beginning to think this was a bad idea" says Billy. "Please I told you this was a bad idea from the very start" retorts Zack.

As the Golems close in on the five teenagers Bulk and Skull start sneaking around threw the ruble trying to escape the chaos around them. Skull then sits down and begins to lose it. "Skull come on this is no time to start getting wet feet. We have to move or we are as good as dead" he says. Skull then attempts to get a grip of himself and then looks back seeing Jason, Trini, Zack, Billy, and Kimberly. "Hey Bulk look. It's the dweebs" claims Skull. Bulk then looks with him and his eyes widen. "It is them!" he yells out.

"Guys what are we going to do. They all look like they are about to kill us" cries Kimberly. "Well Zordon gave us the morphers, I say we use them" suggests Billy. "Alright guys lets do it! It's morphing time!" Jason yells out as they all pull the morphers off there belt and open them up activating there power coins.

"PTERODACTYL! MASTODON! TRICERATOPS! SABER TOOTH TIGER! TYRANNOSAURUS!" each Ranger screams out there respected dino or animal as a armor begins to morph onto there bodies.

A black under armor forms over Kimberly with pink armor plates over the suit. Under her white belt where her morpher is now being held is a pink mini skirt. Her gloves are white with pink diamonds surrounding her wrists matching the look of her boots. Here pink helmet has a Pterodactyl on top with a black visor under the dino for her eyes. On her chest is three white diamonds with her power coin symbol in the middle. On her back is two white diamonds.

Zack receives the same armor minus the mini skirt and has black armor rather then pink. His helmet has what looks to be the head of a Mastodon with the mouth acting as the black visor.

Billy gets blue armor plates with his helmet looking like the head of a Triceratops. Just like Zack the mouth of his dino forms the visor.

Unlike Kimberly though she is the only other female in the team Trini does not get a skirt attached to her suit. Here helmet appears to be the head of a Saber Tooth using the mouth as a Visor. The armor plates on her suit is the color yellow.

Jason receives red armor plates on his suit with his helmet taking the form of a T-rex. The open mouth of the dino forms the black visor to allow him to see. On the bottom of each helmet is a metallic human mouth mold.

Once fully transformed the five teenagers become the Power Rangers, each taking a fighting stance ready to fight the threat in front of them. As Bulk and Skull look on the two faint not being able to believe what they are seeing in front of them. "Alright guys lets show them what happens when you mess with us humans!" yells out Jason. "Right!" they all reply as the five spread out moving into attack.

A Golems goes to swing it's bolder sized hand at Zack but Zack ducks under it and does a one handed hand stand kicking it in the face. He then gets back on his feet and moves his arm up to block an attack from behind by a second Golem. Once he blocks he sends a kick strait into it's chest sending it back.

Kimberly does a summersault to move behind a Golem and palms the monster in the back knocking it down. She then looks back to see a Golem in the corner of her eye  and flips off the ground grabbing it's head between her legs using her momentum to throw it against the ground. As she lands she does a spilt onto the ground. She then bends down pushing her self up with her hands kicking a Golem that is behind her in the chin. Once on her feet she pulls a red blaster from a holster in her leg armor and fires a energy bolt into the monsters chest causing it to explode. She then quickly changes the blaster into a small blade doing a no hand cartwheel to dodge an attack and slices it across the Golem's throat. She then quickly changes it back to a blaster firing it at two more that were approaching her.

Trini does a butterfly kick to move around two Golems then grabs one throwing it into the other moving back just in time to kick a third in the chest. She then spins around quickly while pulling out her blaster firing it right into the head of a Golem.

Jason went to charge at a Golem pulling out his blaster blade. Once he was in range he jabs the small blade into the Golems throat and then pulls it out rolling behind the monster changing the blade into it's blaster mode and he fires in the back of it's head.  He then ducks while turning around to avoid a blow from another Golem changing the blaster into it's blade mode stabbing the Golem in the gut. He then steps on it's knee and jumps up kneeing the creature in the chin, followed by a elbow down on top of it's head. Once the Golem was down he puts his weapon away moving his arm to block a Golem then he uses his block to parry the Golems, smashing his palm into it's face.  

Billy starts backing up as a group of them surround the nerd. "What am I doing here? I don't know anything about fighting. This is crazy!" cries Billy. One of them grabs him by the neck and lifts him up and suddenly something in Billy snaps. He throws his legs up wrapping them around the Golem's neck and them punches the Golem in the face followed by a back flip taking the monster with him into the ground. Billy then quickly gets back on his feet taking a stance that Jason once showed him. A Golem goes to slam it's arm down in Billy but he moves his arm up to block it. He then takes a step forward smashing his fist into it's chest. He then spins around kicking another Golem in the head. He quickly then takes out his blaster blade and fires the bolt into a Golem's head. He puts the blaster blade away and looks down at his gloved hands. "Wow did I really just do that?' he asks himself.

Zack starts moving around avoiding a bunch of blows from a Golem and then jumps in the air sending the bottom of his boot into the Golems face. "Power Axe!" he yells out causing a black handle to pop out of the side of his armor. He grabs it and the handle quickly transforms into an alien looking axe. He runs forward towards the Golem swinging the axe underneath the Golem's head tearing it's head off. He then moves it around his own head using his weapon to decapitate another Golem.

Jason takes a step back seeing a group of Golems close in on him. "Oh no you don't. Power sword!" he yells out causing a red handle to pop out from the back of his armor. Once he takes a hold of it, a metal blade slides out turning it into a sword. He does a few flourishes in order to move into his stance. He spins around spinning the sword behind his back then swings it around his head cutting a Golem down then pivots the other way cutting another Golem across the gut. Following by a upper slash cutting a Golem from the left hip to right shoulder. Once the blade was up he quickly slashes down killing yet another Golem.

"Power lancer!" Billy yells as two blue handles pop out of the sides of his legs. Once he grabs them they both form three blades on the end and then he connects them together doing a flourish. He starts spinning the weapon around mowing down multiple enemies. He spins around swinging the lancer around his neck and then swings it into the side of a Golems head then does an upper slash to finish it off. He then presses it against the ground and uses it to push himself off the ground to kick another Golem. Once on the ground he takes his lancer and slams it right threw the monster.

Kimberly and Trini found themselves back to back fighting off Golems together. "Power daggers!" Trini yells causing two daggers to pop out of her leg armor. She takes them and twirls them around her figures. "Watch my back Kimberly". "You got it" she replies to Trini. "Power bow!" Kimberly yells out causing a bow to form on her back. Next to the bow a small compartment opens up on her back revealing multiple arrows. She grabs the bow and starts snipping multiple Golems in the head one at a time with nearly perfect aim. As she does so Trini uses her daggers mixed with her kung few to cut down any Golems that got close.

Soon all the Golems were all nearly defeated. What ever was left of them began to back away as Goldar walks into the battle field. "You there! Not many can defeat my army so easily. Opponents worthy of fighting me. Who are you?" asks Goldar.

The five Rangers them move next to each other, staring down the general of the Golem army. Jason then steps forward yelling out "We are the Power Rangers and we have a message for Rita. Earth is off limits". Goldar then begins to laugh. "The Power Rangers huh. You must be very arrogant if you all believe you can defy Queen Rita. "Then why don't you come and find out what we can do dog face!" taunts Zack. Goldar then looks at there belts seeing the power coins in the middle of there morphers. "You have the power coins. Surrender them now and I may spare your lives" offers Goldar. "Fat chance red eyes. We are going to take you down!" retorts Kimberly.

Goldar then un sheaths his long sword and goes to jump high up in the air. Kimberly aims up at him with her power bow and goes to fire an arrow. Goldar with very little effort deflects the arrow with his sword. Once he lands he swings his long sword at Kimberly. The only thing keeping the pink ranger from being cut in half was the armor she was wearing. Instead the sword only caused her to fall back as sparks flew out of her armor. "Hey! Don't you know not to hit a girl!" yells out Billy. As he runs towards Goldar he spins his lancer around his body. His body does a three sixty spin as he jumps in the air aiming to slam his lancer into Goldar's right shoulder. Goldar then reaches up with his hand and grab's Billy's lancer and throws him over his body strait into the ground. Zack spins his axe around now holding it like a cannon and fires at Goldar. Goldar gets hit in his golden chest plate but quickly shakes it off. He then throws his long sword into Zack's  power axe, disarming him. Trini then does a butter fly kick as she advances towards Goldar and goes for two quick slashes across his chest then spins around and attempts to stab Goldar in the eye. Goldar grabs her wrist and twists it behind her back causing her to drop her dagger before she could execute the attack. Goldar then grabs her second dagger and holds it towards her throat.

Jason takes a small step with his hand out. "Let her go!" Jason says pleading for her life. "Oh how the mighty have fallen" he taunted. "Now surrender your coins or she dies" Goldar threatens the other Rangers. Jason then looks away realizing that there is no way for him to save Trini. "You win…" he says softly. Goldar smiles towards the defeated Ranger before he hears "Hey freak! Behind you!".

Goldar turns around as Zack shoots the dagger out of Goldar's hand. Trini then takes her free hand and spins her body around while grabbing the hand Goldar was using to hold her. She then uses the momentum to flip Goldar onto the ground. She then does a round off over her daggers and grabs them.

Zack rolls for his power axe and then swings down across Goldar's armor causing him to move back as sparks fly from his armor. As Goldar turns around towards Jason who slices across his body using his power sword causing Goldar to back up some more.

Kimberly picks up her power bow and aims towards Goldar firing multiple arrows at him. As each one hits more sparks fly off his armor backing him into a corner. The five Rangers then move next to each other. Zack moves his axe into it's cannon position as Kimberly places her bow on top. Billy splits his power lancer apart and places one on each side. Trini then does the same with her daggers. Then to activate there super weapon Jason locks his power sword on top of the bow. Jason then picks up the weapon and fires a giant blast towards Goldar sending him threw a building.

As he lays there on the ground, smoke rises off of his burnt armor. He slowly looks up gritting his sharp teeth as the Power Rangers walk closer towards him with all there weapons in hand. "It is over. Here is a message from Zordon. If Rita wants this world she will have to get past us" says Jason with confidence in his voice. "This is not over Rangers! Queen Rita will not rest until you are defeated, humiliated, and dead!" yells out Goldar as his body transforms into a body of flames right before he teleports off the planet.

"We did it!… wait how did we do that?" asks Kimberly. "The power coins. I think when we morph they take control, like all the knowledge of our powers and fighting abilities are implanted into our minds" suggests Billy. With in the moment the Power Rangers then find themselves teleported back at the command center. Once inside all the Rangers then take off there helmets sighing in relief.

Zack then gets into Jason's face. "Dude what the hell was that?" he asks rather aggressively. "What was what?" Jason asks back. "You were actually going to give him your power coin. What the hell is wrong with you?!". Jason then gets into Zack's face. "He was about to kill Trini incase you didn't notice" he retorts. "He was going to kill us all anyway man. Shit man, you are suppose to be our leader? That is the part I am worried about. The nerd held his weight better then you" Zack argues.

Billy then steps forward "And what makes you think I wasn't going to be able to hold my own weight?". "Face it dude you are pretty much the weak link" replies Zack. "Rangers that is enough!" yells out Zordon.

The rest then look up at Zordon as if they were being told to calm down by there own father. "It was because you all worked as a team in the end that you were able to defeat Goldar. Rita chose her general well but with all of you putting your talents together you were able to defeat him. The power coins will give you the power you five need to defeat Rita but unless you work as one fighting force she will win" states Zordon.

The five Rangers then look down in shame. Jason then looks up at Zordon "We will all remember that" he says to there wise leader.
Part 3 of the Power Rangers revamp story.
kash45 Featured By Owner May 13, 2012
i dont think zach would act like that tho he is vary humble
kash45 Featured By Owner May 13, 2012
love it bro love it love it love it keep up the great work
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